I like my shoes mummy.

This is about girls, and shoes. This is about poverty and bullying. This is about the rich and the poor.

This is about a ten year old, whom makes me proud. THAT’S MY GIRL!

Last week I had left the house on Sunday to go and do the food shop. As I was putting on my shoes in the porch, I noticed my daughters school shoes had a hole in. While I was out I went to the shoe shop and bought her some new ‘cool’ school shoes. Size 5, black and sparkly. When she came home from her dads I asked her if she liked the shoes, she said she loved them and I jokingly said, “yea, me too… mummy’s new work shoes!”.

She tried the shoes on and they were too tight, it was too late to take them back on a Sunday so I said to Crystal to wear her old shoes on Monday and we would go back and swap her shoes after school. Monday after school came and off we went to swap her shoes. They didn’t have the same shoes in a size 6 so she chose some similar, just not with sparkles on. She was pleased with them, said they fitted her fine and they were comfy. Off we went!
On Tuesday I was working in London, Crystal had gone to school and was being collected by my mum. At 4pm I received text after text from Crystal and my heart sank…. I was on a train on my way home and she has text to say “Mummy, Katie said my new shoes are like her nans and has called me granny shoes all day” …. “Mummy, please can you go into the school tomorrow and tell me teacher to keep Katie away from me tomorrow” …… “Mummy it wasn’t very nice being called granny shoes all day”….. I could have bloody cried and screamed reading those texts…..bless her.
When I got home Crystal was ok, I didn’t make too much of a fuss about it and just said that if it carried on again the next day then of course I would go and speak to her teacher… Then I slept on it, I woke up the next morning and asked Crystal if she wanted to wear her old shoes for the day and I would take her to get a new, new pair of school shoes after school, to which she replied “I don’t want new shoes, I like my shoes mummy”. Off she went to school…… Katie didn’t mention anything about her shoes the next day and it saved me another £30!
Why is this story about 10year old girls and their school shoes important? It’s just kids, being kids….isn’t it?
I had bought Crystal new shoes, she had worn them. She had been picked on all day because of her shoes. So much so, that she text me three times in a row as soon as she got home, to tell me about her day. Thankfully, I was in a position to be able to go and buy another pair of shoes for Crystal if she wasn’t willing to wear the pair that had caused her to be the centre of the class jokes for a day.
When I asked crystal if she wanted another pair of new shoes and she said she didn’t want any because she liked the ones she had, I calmly said “ok babe, that’s fine”. Inside my head I was cheering her on, shouting at the top of my voice “THAT’S MY GIRL”
Now, what if I couldn’t take a worn pair of shoes back for a refund, or exchange and I had no money to buy a second pair of shoes in the space of two days?
What if ten year old children, wear shoes to school daily that mean they come home in tears because they get laughed at all day, and you as a parent aren’t financially able to provide another pair of shoes?
What if your daughter says “yes mummy I want new shoes, I didn’t like being called names by other kids all day so I don’t want to wear them ‘granny’ shoes again” ?

I was thankful that Crystal is a tough kid, I was even more thankful that I had money to provide what she may have wanted, should her bullying carry on.
I think back to when I was ten years old…. I had two siblings and addict parents. If I had ‘granny’ shoes, let me tell you. I was wearing them!
I just want you to think about the ten year old girl and her granny shoes…..

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