The back, is a mess!


I have been meaning to blog for a while. Started, paused. Stopped. Repeated! I thought I had something to say, then thought better of it… and I’ve been so busy with a full-time degree, two jobs and a ten-year-old!


Today, something special happened. I was at my work placement and my tutor visited to do my mid-way review. All went well, of course! My tutor has a background is social work and probation. She has a wealth of knowledge; her words of wisdom are always welcome, and her support and guidance won’t be wasted on me.


During my review, I was asked if I could explain an emotional reaction I had experienced during observing a group therapy session. On reflection, the only explanation I could offer was…..”Well, maybe I’m not as much of a hard faced cow than I think I am” We all laughed! My tutor then said she could reframe what I had said, in academic terms and link it to theory! Everything I need to do for my reflective practice journal assessment.


Now, I am confident with understanding a behaviour and linking it to possible theories. When it comes to myself, understanding how my behaviour may be theorised, I have just never considered it.  Its funny, that all behaviours can be explained. I was only explaining my behaviour at the weekend while filming the up and coming Woman and Prison documentary. Logic and emotion, we mentioned.  I identify a resilience, a strength and skill that I have to always think with logic and fact rather than emotion. Whenever I have experienced distress, discomfort or trauma, I never ‘feel’ anything…..I ‘think’ about it. How it happened, why is happened and WTF am I going to do now!?


I remember having conversations with my good friend Aliyah in HMP Drake hall and through challenges upon release and in daily life now. We are similar, and our personalities are like magnets. For me, any wobbles I encounter, I call her. Her voice is like a click, back to reality. Stop crying or screaming, tell me what’s happened and then we will discuss options. Our path is always with reason, with an end goal and with resilience.


My tutor explained a scenario, of two people. Both had experienced trauma in similar circumstances. Imagine your internal self as a wardrobe. We take everything in and sling it in the wardrobe. Now, some people who experience trauma have the ability to put everything neatly into their wardrobe. And, keep it neatly, forever! Taking out what they need, using it and then putting it back. Others, who may lead a chaotic life style have a very messy wardrobe. Nothings folded, its all thrown in, piled up and the doors keeping that wardrobe closed are bursting open. It’s a struggle to find what you need, use it if you can find it, and then put it back. If it comes out, it is often thrown back in and the wardrobe door is slammed back shut! And then there is me, says tutor. My wardrobe…. My wardrobe is messy but the front of the wardrobe is neat and organised. Daily, I can get what I need, put it back and maintain my wardrobe organisation. But, don’t dare hunt near the back! The back, is a mess.


When I was observing therapy. Something in the back of my wardrobe wanted to get out. It wanted to get out so much, even the front and organised part of my wardrobe, with the doors firmly shut, couldn’t stop what was at the back from making its great escape. Guess what I did when that happened…. I went to the toilet, cried, howled a little. Looked in the mirror, wiped my eyes, took a deep breath and put it back, neatly in my wardrobe and slammed the door. Went back in the room and continued with my work!


I really love my tutor’s explanation. She knows me, my back ground, my story and my dreams for the future and I have no doubt that she believes in me and will help me as much as she can in my journey! Her wardrobe story was exactly like my experience and exactly like my life! Even just being able to understand this, is greatly helpful!


She reframed my hard-faced cow comment to, I have a messy back wardrobe, a tidy front wardrobe and my behaviours and life can be linked to the theory of Intellectualization. After a little bit of research when I got home, she was right again!


She is magic! This journey, is magic!


Here’s to understanding your wardrobe!










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